Friday, October 5, 2012

Seattle Day One and Two Vacation Pictures and Experience/Haul Video!!!

Day One and Two Experience and Haul video:

Here are some pictures of Day One and Two of mine and Shawn's trip to Seattle!!

Pretty clouds!!

Waiting for the train at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

Navigation post near Pike Place Market

Menu of the place where we ate brunch.

Crabs at Pike Place Market

Back view of Pike Place Market


Columbia Tower where Christian Grey's nightclub was!

View of Downtown Seattle from the 73rd floor of Columbia Tower

Workstations in Seattle Public Library


I tried taking a picture of the lobby from outside...

Escala!!! So pretty!!

Isn't this so cool??? Depending on the flow of traffic, each lane has a different speed limit!

Me and Shawn at dinner! We went to Koral Kitchen & Bar in Bellevue

Dahlia's that Shawn got me for our two year anniversary (Sept 24, 2012). Two flowers for two years! 

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