Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1.5 Year Anniversary Weekend with Shawn

This past weekend I attended the annual Ice Wine Festival at Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL), Ontario. I love this place! It's a great escape from the city life. I first discovered this place when I was at Brock University and have been going ever since. It's my fourth year going to the Ice Wine Festival. Here is the link to go to their website: Click here

The only event that I attend is the Ice Wine Village which is usually held on the second weekend of the festival.

Here is the description from the website of what it is:

Historic Queen Street is transformed into a winter wonderland as the entire town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, ranked the #1 Food and Wine Destination in Canada by TripAdvisor, comes together to host wine country’s annual celebration of Icewine. Icewines of the 28 Wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake will flow alongside the sounds of Canadian Jazz. Culinary delights inspired by Icewine prepared by Signature Kitchen Chefs will tempt the palate and talented artists will transform blocks of ice into sparkling sculptures. Admission is free.

We stayed at a bed & breakfast called Brockamour Manor. I love this place!! We stayed in the room called The Loft. It's basically the attic but really amazing. It really is a "hidden treasure" (from their website). There is so much history in this house. Rick, the owner of the bed & breakfast was such a nice man. He made our stay very comfortable and relaxing as well as his wife Colleen. I highly recommend going there if you plan to spend the night in NOTL. It is also a short walk from Queen Street (the main street of NOTL) so it's in a perfect location. Not too close and not too far from the fun!

Here are some pictures of our weekend!

The food we are about to eat was Bacon Lobster Chili. I had two samples of it!

Shawn's favourite Ice Wine

Puller pork on a bun

My favourite ice wine. I got 3 glasses. 1 oz. glasses by the way!

The Brockamour Manor!! Our B&B!!

Tiara restaurant at Queen's Landing for dinner!

My hand made lobster ravioli!

Shawn's New York Striploin

Ice Wine Chili

I hope everyone enjoyed these photos!!! Have a good rest of the week!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I suck at blogging already....Sorry!

So I know I have not updated my blog at least once a week like I said in my new years resolutions for this year. But I did miss last week for a good reason. I will explain why...
  1. I volunteered at a luxury wedding show on Sunday January 8th for the majority of the day then hung out with Shawn later that night to watch Kourtney and Kim Take on New York (KKTNY). Love that show!
  2. Monday, I had a doctor's appointment that morning to do a TB test. Discovered I got major back pain since I was heels all day Sunday. Vomited 3 times that day because I couldn't even cook food for myself since I was in so much pain so I just ate random stuff I could easily grab. I was home alone for most of the day. Lesson learned, wear flats when standing for long periods of time. I don't own a pair of fancy/cute/girly black flats to go with formal dresses. I am on the search to find one so if you know of any, send me links!!
  3. Tuesday, I was still in back pain so stayed home from work.
  4. Wednesday, I worked all day. Back pain was finally going away.
  5. Thursday, went to the doctor to get my results for the TB test. I do not have TB so YAY!!! I also woke up with a sore throat and it escalated from there. I jsut got more and more sick. I started getting a runny nose and felt just disgusting.
  6. Friday to Monday, I was literally dying from being so sick. I couldn't even see Shawn on Thursday to watch Jersey Shore. It's our tradition that we do. Same thing for Sunday with KKTNY.
  7. Tuesday, it was my second day of my co-op job and I watched Glee and The L.A. Complex with Shawn that night.
So now I finally have the opportunity to blog! I hope you enjoyed this update blog. It's so hard to get in the habit to blog, especially since I hardly ever post here. But I really need to keep this blog up and going.

I am thinking about posting my monthly Glymm Box reviews on this blog. What do you think? Instead of filming a video, I will post it on this blog instead. Let me know your thoughts!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!! My New Years Resolutions for 2012 and on!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new years! Me and Shawn went to his friends house party to celebrate and it was lots of fun. Since it is a new year, I have to come up with new, new years resolutions. Here are my resolutions from last year, just so we can see what progress I have made in 2011.

1) Do Follow Fridays on Twitter.
2) Find a job in marketing/promotions.
3) Go to college for marketing.
4) Workout at least once a week.
5) Go to Los Angeles.

The ones that are bolded are the ones I have completed. I'm not going to lie, some of the resolutions I have made because I knew I was going to complete them. That is why this year, I tried to make resolutions that will be a challenge to me. So here is my resolutions for 2012!!

1) Write a blog post at least once a week.
2) Pay off credit card debt.
3) Finish at least one perfume bottle.
4) Film more make-up tutorials.
5) Get your G2.
6) Make a positive impact on someone's life.
7) Drink more water. At least one glass a day.
8) Curse less.
9) Don't buy beauty products just because it looks pretty. Just get what you need.
10) Finish up at least one make-up product per month.

I hope I can complete some of the resolutions by the end of the year, if not, there is always 2012. Just an FYI, I don't believe the world is going to end. Just because the Mayan calendar ends, doesn't mean our world will. What are your new years resolutions?