Monday, April 22, 2013

The Original Wedding Soiree 2013

A weeks ago (on St. Patrick's Day to be exact) I had the opportunity to spend my day at The Original Wedding Soiree. A few weeks earlier, I won a Twitter contest that was held by Bourjois Paris. They were giving away a pair of tickets to the show if your retweeted their tweet. I decided to retweet it thinking I was not going to win because I NEVER win anything! People around me usually win but I never do. So basically I won and I was so excited to go. Although I am not engaged, I love going to wedding shows. It was funny because when I was at the show all the vendors thought I was engaged but I just won a contest. I am not looking at these vendors for fun, it was actually informative and it gave me ideas for my future wedding when I do decide to get married.

Enjoy the photos!

Periwinkle Sweets

The High Tea Room, I waited at least one hour to finally get into this room!

Oh So Chic Celebrations|Ruffles&Twine - Floral Designs + Vintage Finds
Blair Nadeau Millinery|Periwinkle Sweets|Magdalena GMYR
Vintage China Hire|Lulliloo Paperie|Cakealicious by Reem

WeDDings Jubilee|Para Events
Paper Angels Invitations & Stationary
Ashton Creative Floral Design
Rainy's Cookie Cafe|MN Fotography
James Frodyma Wedding Films|Justyna Mroz Hair Design

Paper Angels Invitations & Stationary

A2D2 - Aerial Dance Cirque Company

Art of Celebrations Event Planning + Design Firm|
Flower Parade|Jolie Papeterie|Patricia's Cake Creations

Art of Celebrations Event Planning + Design Firm|
Flower Parade|Jolie Papeterie|Patricia's Cake Creations

Crystallized Bouquets


Crystallized Bouquets

Cakeaholic|Shireen's Sweet Treats|Crystallized Bouquets

Simply Stationary

The Dance Company

Couture Events

Couture Events

Alice and Wonderland themes brides at the Registration desk

For all vendor websites, check out The Original Wedding Soiree website.
All pictures are my own.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Light Blue Shade Shampoo Review

Sometime late February of this year I purchased a new purple shampoo for my ombre hair. I have written a brief blog post about it at the time I purchased the product. This shampoo is designed for people with white, grey and blonde hair. I am reviewing this product as I had blonde hair.

I finished about a third of the bottle which gives me a good idea of how well the product worked for me.

First off, I found this product in Walmart when I was searching for a new bottle of purple shampoo. I previously tried the purple shampoo from John Freida but I wanted to try something new. I read a few reviews of this product before I tried out the product on my hair. I am glad I did because the shampoo is a lot more pigmented than I original thought it would be (lavender purple).

Above is picture of what the product looks like straight out of the bottle. You can see that the product is a dark purple; which totally freaked me out at first. However, I did read reviews of this product and girls have been mixing this shampoo with small amounts of their regular shampoo for colour treated hair. So that is exactly what I did.

I put a bit too much of the regular shampoo with the Light Blue Shade Shampoo but you do get an idea of what I did to achieve a lighter shade of purple shampoo.

Once both products are all mixed together, you can see that the shampoo is now an appropriate shade of purple for my ombre hair. I would do all the mixing in the palm of my hand when I am in the shower.

As for the benefits that the products claim that it does to your hair, it definitely did it for me. However my ends were a bit dried out from the winter weather, which is normal. There is only so much a shampoo can do to moisturize your hair. It's all about the deep conditioning masks for the hair to get moisture back into your hair.

I would repurchase this product again if I ever do decide to dye parts of my hair blonde again. It is a less expensive alternative to the John Freida purple shampoo as this bottle only costs me around $7 for a 450 mL bottle.

If you don't have a Walmart near you, you can also purchase Light Blue Shade online.

Note 1: Shampoo swatch pictures were taken with my iPhone because my regular digital camera made the shampoo photo blue instead of purple. 

Note 2: I no longer I have ombre hair because I cut my hair earlier this week! If you follow me on Instagram, you would see what it currently looks like!