Saturday, April 13, 2013

Light Blue Shade Shampoo Review

Sometime late February of this year I purchased a new purple shampoo for my ombre hair. I have written a brief blog post about it at the time I purchased the product. This shampoo is designed for people with white, grey and blonde hair. I am reviewing this product as I had blonde hair.

I finished about a third of the bottle which gives me a good idea of how well the product worked for me.

First off, I found this product in Walmart when I was searching for a new bottle of purple shampoo. I previously tried the purple shampoo from John Freida but I wanted to try something new. I read a few reviews of this product before I tried out the product on my hair. I am glad I did because the shampoo is a lot more pigmented than I original thought it would be (lavender purple).

Above is picture of what the product looks like straight out of the bottle. You can see that the product is a dark purple; which totally freaked me out at first. However, I did read reviews of this product and girls have been mixing this shampoo with small amounts of their regular shampoo for colour treated hair. So that is exactly what I did.

I put a bit too much of the regular shampoo with the Light Blue Shade Shampoo but you do get an idea of what I did to achieve a lighter shade of purple shampoo.

Once both products are all mixed together, you can see that the shampoo is now an appropriate shade of purple for my ombre hair. I would do all the mixing in the palm of my hand when I am in the shower.

As for the benefits that the products claim that it does to your hair, it definitely did it for me. However my ends were a bit dried out from the winter weather, which is normal. There is only so much a shampoo can do to moisturize your hair. It's all about the deep conditioning masks for the hair to get moisture back into your hair.

I would repurchase this product again if I ever do decide to dye parts of my hair blonde again. It is a less expensive alternative to the John Freida purple shampoo as this bottle only costs me around $7 for a 450 mL bottle.

If you don't have a Walmart near you, you can also purchase Light Blue Shade online.

Note 1: Shampoo swatch pictures were taken with my iPhone because my regular digital camera made the shampoo photo blue instead of purple. 

Note 2: I no longer I have ombre hair because I cut my hair earlier this week! If you follow me on Instagram, you would see what it currently looks like! 

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