Thursday, October 18, 2012

101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know: Tips 16->12

This past Tuesday was my parent's 30th wedding anniversary. We went for teppanyaki and it was so delicious! My dad got her a pearl bracelet that I helped picked out and a bouquet of pink roses. When couples reach 30 years of marriage, the theme is pearls and the colour green. So that is why I told my dad to buy her a pearl bracelet. She has tons of pearl necklaces and earrings but not bracelets (well not that I've seen). Shawn surprised my parents with an anniversary card and two double shot glasses that says "Cheers to 30 years". You definitely need a double shot after being married for 30 years. It's a big accomplishment! Especially after hearing all these divorces and break-ups happening to their friends in real life over the past few years.

16) Use a facial exfoliater bi-weekly to get dead skin. Makeup will look better on a clean, smooth canvas. 

If my facial toner counts as an exfoliator then yes I do this tip! My toner gently removes off any excess make-up that my cleanser did not remove while returning my skin back to it's natural pH level. It also removes off any dead skin I have to reveal new skin. The current toner I am using is the Clinique Facial Lotion in #1 (for very dry to dry skin.

15) After using a hair conditioning mask, follow with "a cold rinse to close the hair cuticles" - Ursala Stephensen, Motions celebrity stylist.

When you wash your hair with hot water, it open up the hair cuticles to remove any of the products and oils that are in the hair shaft. Once you put a conditioning mask on it, you are basically stuffing the hair cuticle with the healthy vitamins. To seal it into your hair, rinse with cold water. Cold water makes the hair cuticle close since the molecules in it are contracting into each other. It's a molecular thing I learned back in chemistry class. I knew it was good for something!

14) To get your braid to last all day, try styling hair that's "dirty with product". This will make the style stick longer.

I say you can braid you hair while it is still damp. Run some mousse into it. That way your braid will hold together and when you undo your braid [once your hair is completely dry or your tired of your braid], you will have nice wavy hair after without any heat damage.

13) Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to rid of any product build-up that may have occurred during the week. 

I would recommend this for people who style their hair on a daily basis. I don't style my hair enough to actually need this. Also since now that I have colour-treated hair, it is recommend that I wash my hair even less now. I do use a purple shampoo once a week to help with the brassiness in my hair.

12) If you have chipped nail polish, add a crackle or glitter on top to disguise the look of chipping.

This is great for people who don't have the time to give themselves a complete manicure. Usually if my nail polish chips, I just give myself a new manicure. But for those busy girls on the go, I would recommend doing this OR try getting Shellac nail polish. Those manicures apparently last a very long time. I personally like to change my nail colour often so Shellac would be pointless for me.

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