Friday, October 26, 2012

101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know: Tips 6 -> 2

I cannot believe I forgot to post yesterday. I apologize to those who were waiting. I got a last minute call yesterday for an interview this afternoon so I was prepping all last night. Part two of the interview is tomorrow morning so tonight I will be prepping for that. I hope you all understand. This weekend is Halloween weekend! I hope some of you got some fun weekend plans coming up! Me and Shawn are going clubbing for the first time in a long time. I don't even remember the last time me and Shawn went clubbing together. That is how long ago it was. This is when you know you are getting old. When you can't remember the last time you partied. Me and Shawn also need to carve a pumpkin. We plan to make the pumpkin on the far right (picture below).

6) The best way to get rid of ingrown hair is to exfoliate, "which rids the skin of dead cells and allows the hair to break through the surface" - Marlena Ramoy, Bliss Spa Esthetician

This is especially important if you wax any part of your body. If you don't want any ingrown hair, make sure you exfoliate. You can exfoliate with a dry brush before you shower and a loofah/body glove in the shower. I am currently using a dry body brush from The Body Shop.

5) Carrots are good for the hair. A healthy diet leads to a beautiful you.

I strongly believe in having a healthy diet to help improve your skin, hair and well-being. If you eat bad, you will look bad. If you eat good, you will look good. If you have trouble eating vegetables, try juicing them with fruits. I know RissRose2 on YouTube has some really great juicing ideas/videos.

4) "The best time to apply cream is after the shower, as the skin has been de-oiled." - Dr. Stephen P. Bracci

It is also a great time since your pores are open from the steam in your shower. The best creams are the body butters. I know The Body Shop has tons! I personally don't like body butters since I find that it leaves a heavy scent in my skin which I don't like. I use a special lotion made by Cetaphil for my eczema skin.

3) Replace mascara and liquid eyeliner after three to four months.

This is because the bacteria that is on your lashes and eyelids goes back into the mascara and eyeliner applicator. I learned this from a women at a Clinique counter. The mascara gets thicker in the container because both air and bacteria are getting into your mascara. Sounds really gross but it's true.

2) To keep hair colour vibrant longer, use shampoos and conditioners formulated for coloured hair.

This is pretty obvious but there still some girls out there that don't do this. It is important to do this since you did spend a lot of money at the salon getting all that hair coloured. Don't want to waste it away!

Stayed tuned next Tuesday to get the final tip!

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