Tuesday, October 16, 2012

101 Beauty Tips Ever Girl Should Know: Tips 21->17

So I am still alive and well after my three days of parties in a row. I slept in Sunday night since I was so sleep deprived. I have to tell you, my parents had the best stories when they came back from New York City (NYC). They went there for my mom's friends wedding. They went all over NYC; Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn! My mom is hilarious. She told me during the reception all the DJ played was "black people music". Uh Mom....you were in Queens, what do you expect? She wanted to dance but she doesn't know how to dance to that type of music. I asked her how the people danced to "black people music", she didn't say anything. So then I asked "Did it look like sex on the dance floor?". She had no comment. Usually when she has no comment, she is agreeing with me. Awww my poor mom's eyes!

One more thing that NYC has that I wish Toronto has is more ethnic food trucks! They had a Banh Cuon food truck! To all my fellow Vietnamese/Oriental people, you know what I am talking about. For those who don't know what Banh Cuon is, here is the Wikipedia definition of it.

My mouth is watering.....
21) To create a lived-in look for your hair, use thickening or sea-salt mist before you blow-dry. Follow by running a volumizing or texture cream through hair.

I am personally not a fan of the lived-in look. I like to look as polished as I can when going out in public. But if you are a fan of the lived-in look, these tips are great! Side note: I was Google image searching "lived in hair" and it all looks like "after sex" hair or "I just got out of bed and I don't care" hair.....is that the "live-in look"?

20) When using an eyeshadow primer, only place the primer where you'll be adding colour.

I think this is pretty obvious but there are people who don't know this! So there you go!

19) "Cream rouge (blush) should be the first thing that touches your cheeks when you want to project an image of healthy and pinched cheeks" - Pablo Manzoni, former creative director for Elizabeth Arden

I have naturally high cheekbones so it is really easy for me to locate where my cheekbones are. If you have trouble finding it, do the puckered lips/fish face and you will see the bone that projects out. That is your cheekbone. Apply your blush there! It will also give you an instant face lift without the surgery!

18) If you choose to use false eyelashes, remember to use the dark glue as it will blend in with lashes.

Most lash glues come in the clear formula. You don't have to use a dark glue but if you wear false lashes often then I do recommend using a dark glue to save you the time and hassle of covering up the clear glue areas. The dark glue I would recommend is the Duo Lash Glue in Dark-Tone. It can be purchased at MAC counters/stores and at your local drugstores.

17) When buying "organic" beauty products, make sure to check if they are FDA certified organic. This will prevent you from getting scammed. 

Since the whole organic/green movement, a lot of companies are jumping on the bandwagon without even being certified organic. So be careful of this! I am not a huge organic person but I do know of people who are very careful about what they eat and such so please read the label before you buy anything. The last thing I want you is to be scammed. I am here to tell you the truth!!


  1. I always go for natural beauty and skin care products.

    1. That's really good. It's really hard to find natural skin care products in my opinion. A lot of natural products have almond oil which I am allergic to =(