Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween is almost here!

I am so excited for Halloween! I love how that when you use to be a kid and be so excited for Halloween so you can get free candy but now that I am older, it gives me a reason to dress up like crazy and no one can say anything about it. I love that! I wish there were more holidays where people can dress up like a completely different person and not be stared at weirdly. This year, Shawn and I are dressing up as Waldo and Wanda.

I just Google searched these images and I am not sure why they are different shades of red.....WEIRD!

Anyways I found a striped red and white sweater from Value Village and Shawn ordered a striped sweater from Forever 21 Men. I love that with these purchases, we can still reuse these sweaters. I love having Halloween costumes that you can wear again throughout the year and not have to wait until Halloween to wear them again.

I purchased the hat and glasses from eBay. The seller shipped it very fast and the products are pretty good quality for the price! The glasses look like Harry Potter glasses which is hilarious. Maybe next Halloween me and Shawn can dress up like Harry Potter and Cho Chang!!

I plan to buy the striped stockings from my local Party City store.. They are inexpensive and can be worn again for Christmas!!

The cane you can definitely find it at a party store but the rest of the costume we already own items like that such as the jeans and denim skirt.

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