Thursday, September 27, 2012

101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know: Tips 46->42

YAY I am back from my Fifty Shades vacation! I feel like I have been gone for such a long time but it really hasn't been that long which is weird. I loved Seattle and Portland so much! I also got to meet E L James!! She was so nice! I will make a haul and experience video soon! Check out my YouTube channel for some of my vlogs from my vacation! I got three days posted so far. Here is a sneak peak of one of my many Seattle pictures!

View from Kerry Park

46) Use a shimmer eye shadow to compliment a bold matte lip. 

I always do this! Usually it happens if I have a dark lip going on such as a red or dark purple. I find the shimmery eye shadow adds life into your eyes.

45) To revive curls mid-day, "Take a very small amount of pomade and put it in the palms of your hands. Rub them together. Next gently smooth the pomade over your curls and scrunch just a little bit" - Eugene Davis, celebrity hair stylist

This sounds like an amazing tip to use! I have yet to find the perfect pomade for my hair. Since my hair is so long, my curls can get straight pretty fast. That is why I like to use a curl activating spray before I curl my hair and them spray tons of hairspray afterwards.

44) "Your should always go to a hair-removal specialist, where waxing, laser etc. is their main business - don't go to a nail salon for a wax" - Cindy Barshop, Completely Bare and Bravo's RHONYC

When I get my brows threaded I go to a small salon right by my house. Literally all the do is men's haircuts, waxing and threading. Mostly threading. I use to go to Donato Salon and Spa to get my brows waxed but it was getting way to expensive (around $23). Now I just pay $4 ($5 with tip) to get my brows threaded. BEST DEAL EVER!!!

43) "A little silvery-blue eyeliner on the lower lid is very flirty" - Dimitri James, makeup artist, author and creator of Skinn Cosmetics

I have never tried this before but I do have an eyeliner where I can try this out. I have a feeling it will bring out the white on your eyeballs and illuminate them at the same time.

42) "Use your concealer as a base on your eyelids" - Melissa Silver, Maybelline makeup artist

I see that a lot of makeup artists use this especially if they are a drugstore brand. Since they don't carry eye primers in their line, they will use a concealer. I never tried this tip before because I do got two eye primers. But if I do ever run out, I know what to use then!

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