Friday, September 21, 2012

American Airlines Rant!!!

For those of you don't know by now. I am still not on my flight to Seattle. I was suppose to be on a flight leaving Toronto at 6:05am to Chicago then transferring to Seattle. But since I am going on passes, it means I am on standby. That means anyone who does buy a ticket will have more priority than me and Shawn do. We basically take the seats that can't be filled on any given flight. All the flights that we planned to take were all filled. So instead of taking that flight we planned, me and Shawn are taking a flight in the afternoon to Dallas then transferring to Seattle. I also found out last night that American Airlines is on a strife right now which means they will be cancelling a lot of their flights. This week alone they have cancelled around 300 of their flights this week and will be cancelling more as the weeks go by. Talk about amazing timing I have for a trip. I really hope I can get there and back safely. Wish us luck!!!

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