Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My New Winter Coat

This past week I have decided to finally purchase a new winter jacket. My old winter jackets have either been not warm enough, too short, damaged, etc. My dream winter jacket would be a black knee length down jacket with gold detailing, a belt with a gold buckle and a faux fur trim hood. I have seen some girls wearing it but I don't know where they got it. I should ask! So I did settle for this jacket. I first saw this jacket on my friend in college. She worked at Jacob and that is how I first discovered the jacket. I love that the neck area is puffy so you don't need to wear a scarf with the coat. You can also leave it untied so you will just have puffy lapels on your coat. I like the length of the coat. It just hits me at the knee so it's not too long. It is also filled with down feathers so it is warm! I love that the sleeves are cuffed at the end so no cold air can go up your arm. Now that winter is hitting Toronto really hard, I need to keep warm. These past few days the weather has been really cold! It was -18 degrees celcius with a wind chill feeling like -25. Now that is intense! How are you keeping warm in these cold months? Let me know in a comment! If you are interested in purchasing this jacket, click on the jacket!


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