Thursday, May 30, 2013

Has this ever happened to you?

We all know by now that I am obsessed with online shopping. There are days where all I do is just browse websites to see what is new and in style. Not that I buy too many new clothing because I should be paying off my credit card [which I have done today]. I came across the Victoria's Secret website and I found that they are having their Semi-Annual Sale online. UH I HAD NO IDEA! So I went nuts and added a bunch of items into my cart. I should wait until the sale comes to store on June 11, 2013...

There is just a screen shot of a few of the things I put into my cart. I just recently [meaning this week], I made an order at Forever 21 for about $160. I don't need to be spending more money on clothes!! Once I cut down on the few of the items, that is what you see above. I immediately then closed the window because I KNEW I SHOULD NOT BE SPENDING MORE MONEY ON THINGS I DON'T NEED!! 

Now what I want to know is, how many of you have done this? Put a bunch of items into your cart but don't end up buying any of it? It also happened to me earlier today on Beyond The Rack. I can't help it! I got an online shopping addiction!

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