Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random December Adventures!

Hi Everyone!

I know I have not updated my blog in like a year but I AM BACK! If I am not making a video, then I am on my blog! So! Here are some pictures from my December Adventures with the boyfriend and my friend Christine!!!

Here is some pictures from mine and Christine's adventure at Cora's! I never been here before so I was super excited!!

This is my meal that I never finished. I found a hair in the orange. GROSS!!

Christine's bread!

Christine's All Star Omelette!

My potatoes! Damn waiter tricked me and I had to pay extra for the onions and mushrooms. BITCH!

Overall my experience at Cora's was a hit and miss. Here is why:

  • The food was amazing
  • Free drink because I had a coupon
  • I felt like I was in kindergarden because of the designs on the walls
  • There was a piece of hair on my orange. NOT COOL!
  • The wait was around 15 minutes just to get in. I went on a Sunday at 11am.
  • The waiter tricked me into adding more to my potatoes and I had to pay more for them

Shawn invited me out for some bubble tea so we went to Bubble Republic!! Here are some pics! I totally forgot to take pics of our drinks. Sorry!

Our pork dumplings!!

Me being silly!

Shawn <3

We both had hot bubble tea with tapioca. Mine was kind of weird because it was lychee black tea. Never had it before, the lychee pieces in there were black and tasted disgusting.

Here is a random snow track I found in the parking lot beside my building at work!


  1. Hi, I think that you should totally make more videos on nail polishe and stuff. OMG I love you are so awesome

  2. Hi, it's me again the anonymous I'm going to call myself the penguin just so that you know it's me. So, I was thinking that maybe you could make a video about a rainbow color make up tutorial. I think that would be awesome. Thanks

    The penguin

  3. Hey, Jennifer,

    I knowm you don't read this but I was just asking when are you going to finish your boxing haul or was that just one video. Because beside the video it said part 1 and so.
    The penguine