Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Your period will never be the same after using this product

Before I start this post, I would like to disclaim that I will be going into detail about the female menstrual cycle and using words in relation to what happens to a girl on her period. If  you are not comfortable reading about this material, I suggest you skip this blog post.

I went to my family doctor a few months ago to do my yearly Pap test. I suggest all you girls/women do this even if you are not sexually active. It will help you prevent cervical cancer and can help you prevent future problems within your vagina area. I waited a few days to hear from the results of my Pap test. It turned out I go a bacteria infection in my vagina because of my tampon use. I use tampons as directed; however according to my doctor, using a tampon is not ideal for a woman's vagina. When women use a tampon, you are disrupting the natural flow of the blood that is coming out of your body. You are suppose let the blood naturally flow out of your body and not let it be blocked up by a tampon. There is something about the natural flow of the blood that cleanses your vagina so you don't get a bacterial infection. I did not know this at all, therefore as soon as my doctor told me about this. I stopped using a tampon on the regular.

I currently now use tampons when I know I will be moving around a lot that day. In my opinion, I still don't feel comfortable wearing a tampon when I am in any body of water, including the beach and pool. Maybe it's all in my head but to each their own. For so many years now (since my third year of university), I have used tampons religiously. I hated the feeling of a pad. It made me feel like I was wearing a diaper. I did however wear a pad when I went to bed. You should always wear a pad when going to bed. NEVER wear a tampon to bed. Even though they design a tampon to be worn for a maximum of 8 hours, you should never wear a tampon to bed. You don't want to run the risk of getting a Toxic Shock Syndrome.

In November 2012, I went to a Proctor & Gamble sale and I grabbed a package of Always Infinity Pads. I remember seeing the commercials on TV talking about how amazing it is and how it revolutionizes your period. AND OH IT DID FOR ME! This pad is life changing! The material they use to absorb your menstrual blood is so soft. It makes you feel like you are not even wearing a pad. I read the reviews on the Always website in regards to this product and they are all amazing. Even though it is from the company's website and it might be slightly biased, I still believe it since I have used this product before I even read the reviews. They come in many different options as with or without wings and come in different absorbency such as regular, heavy and overnight. I bought the box of the heavy and it's perfect for going to bed with since the back part of the pad is extra long.


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