Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chinese New Year and change in resolutions!

I am super excited for this weekend! Because it's Chinese New Year weekend. New Years Eve is this wednesday and actual Chinese New Year is on Thursday. Which means one thing girls.....MONEY!!


I love money. Don't we all. I'm pretty sure my family is going to temple wednesday night and staying there until 1am. Not sure what we will be doing on Chinese New Year but I am up for anything. My mom usually cooks something vegetarian and some awesome desserts like brown sugar cake.

What are your Chinese New Year traditions?? If you are oriental...haha!

Oh for those who do have Rogers home phone, from Wednesday to Thursday this week from 8pm wednesday to 8pm thursday, you can call China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. SO GO CRAZY!!

And for the change in resolutions, I am changing the "Go to Vancouver" to "Go to Los Angeles". I am planning to go to LA late June so I am going to IMATS LA!! How exciting!! So yea, more details later. But the reason why I am changing my resolutions is because Vancouver is more of a family vacation then a couple destination. Hahaha omg that rhymes!

Ok bedtime for me! Love you all!! xoxo

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