Sunday, September 27, 2009

28 Neutral Palette Mac Dupes (Updated)

I have posted a video on this before but I have decided to make an more updated version with more accurate dupes for the shadows. I refered to MAC eyeshadows swatches to do the dupes. Hopefully, these dupes come out alot better than the last time I did them. Hope you enjoy =)


  1. great dupes!! i have sable and they looked almost identical! but the charcoal brown was nothing alike which i was bummed about bc i use it daily for my eyebrows!! the one in the 28 palette was waaay too red looking! i couldnt find one in the palette that looked like the charcoal brown :(

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  3. Who makes the 28 neutral palette?

    1. I believe there are several companies that makes the 28 neutral palette. But I believe they do come from one manufacturer that most likely is from China.