Sunday, July 20, 2014

I know it's been forever!!!

Hi Everyone! Yes I am still alive! Yes I am still doing YouTube. I just haven't been as active on my blog as I should be. I am however starting a new series inspired by a few skincare/beauty books that I have read. So be on the lookout! I wanted to share with you a kind of old video series of mine. It's my experience/haul videos of when I went to Seattle and Portland back in September 2012. I posted some videos on here but I made them private on my YouTube. It was so that people who do read my blog will get exclusive access to those videos. But now I have decided to make them public. I just watched back all the videos and I am so glad that I have filmed it the way I did. It's so different than any other vacation haul video that I did because I explained my experience while I was there while showing you my haul as my vacation progressed. I think I will do this from now on when I do go on vacations. So below you will find the playlist to all my Seattle/Portland vacation videos including my experience and haul video.

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